Sample menus

Christmas menu No. 1

Christmas menu No. 1

Bread products

Selection of fresh bread and buns

Cream cheese spread

Christmas menu No. 1

Fish selection

Baltic herring rollmops with smoky onion cream, pickles and caviar

Salted whitefish with dill mayonnaise, crisp bread and marinated fennel

Gravlax with herbs, green peas and citrus oil

Christmas menu No. 1

Meat selection

Spicy BBQ pork loin with marinated red cabbage and apple jam

Brioche with poultry liver pâté and pear and rhubarb stewed in white wine

Beef rillette with dark bread crostini and mustardy tartar-sauce

Christmas menu No. 1

Vegetables and additions

Broccoli, quinoa, feta cheese, green peas

Wild mushroom salad with onions and sunflower seeds

Christmas menu No. 1

Hot dishes

Rosefish fillet in chive-tarragon sauce

Braised beef entrecote in blackcurrant-juniper berry sauce

Oven potatoes seasoned with sea salt and cumin seeds

Creamy pumpkin risotto with walnuts

Wild onion-chickpea ragú with rosemary

Christmas menu No. 1


Chocolate cupcake with Christmas spices and lingonberry-flavoured sauce

Fruit selection

Amount of food ca 900g per person

Additional services 

We offer the following additional services: event design, flower arrangements, room decoration, invitation and menu cards, other fittings necessary for your successful party. Request a quote! 

General terms

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