Sample menus

Christmas menu No. 2

Christmas menu No. 2

Bread products

Homebaked dark bread with seeds and dried fruits

Fresh selection of bread and buns

Mustard, chive and cantarelle spread

Christmas menu No. 2

Fish selection

Smoked burbot salad with baked sweet pepper and egg

Dutch soused herring with three caviar sauce

Trout slices marinated with white wine and shallots, alder smoke wels catfish, dill sauce

Christmas menu No. 2

Meat selection

Herby deer meat kebab with pickles and blueberry mop

Glazed pork loin confit, spicy cherry jam

Layered cake of chicken and wild mushrooms

Christmas menu No. 2

Vegetables and additions

Carrot hummus with coriander crispbreads

Marinated slippery jacks

Honey and garlic pickles in herb marinade

Christmas menu No. 2


Roast beet salad with wheat crisps, goat milk yogurt and watercress

Potato and ham salad

Christmas menu No. 2

Hot dishes

Natural blood sausage in lamb casing

Suckling pig glazed with natural cider and thyme

Thyme and red wine sauce

Oven potatoes with parsley butter

Sauerkraut seasoned with honey and porter

Christmas menu No. 2


Raspberry-curd crumble cake

Soft lemon meringue roll

Amount of food ca 900g per person

Additional services 

We offer the following additional services: event design, flower arrangements, room decoration, invitation and menu cards, other fittings necessary for your successful party. Request a quote! 

General terms

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