Sample menus

Grill menu No. 1

Fish selection

Trout and broccoli quiche

Meat selection

BBQ chicken with Korean kimchi and lavash bread

Tomato tortilla with pickled red cabbage and pork slices

Vegetarian food

Caesar salad spring roll in rice paper

Spring onion omelette rolls with bamboo & vegetable filling and tofu


Summery strawberry salad with blue cheese, nuts and ginger pear

Vormsi salad with everything fresh served with pumpkin seeds and an egg

Grill and stir-fry

Arctic char fillet with Asian honey teriyaki sauce, sweet chilli & tomato salsa and red onion

Grilled chicken leg & pumpkin skewer in sea buckthorn berry marinade

Handmade BBQ chicken sausages with rocket and alder-smoked cheese

Pan-fried potatoes with onions and mushrooms

Stir-fried vegetables

Yoghurt & mint sauce

Tomato salsa with coriander and Tuscan olive oil


Fresh strawberry salad with mint and vanilla cream

Berry & cheese curd crumble cake

Grill menus are available from April to October!

Additional services 

We offer the following additional services: event design, flower arrangements, room decoration, invitation and menu cards, other fittings necessary for your successful party. Request a quote! 

General terms

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