Sample menus

Grill menu No. 1

Grill menu No. 1

Choice of bread

Selection of fresh black bread and buns

Cream cheese seasoned with roasted garlic

Grill menu No. 1

Fish platter

Herring and potato layer cake with fresh spring onions and sour cream crème

Squid marinated with fresh coriander and lime

Grill menu No. 1

Meat platter

Smoked farm ham slices with crunchy cucumbers
Grill menu No. 1

Vegetables and side dishes

Fresh gherkins

Marinated oven-baked beets with honey and cumin

Grill menu No. 1


Lightly smoked root vegetables with goat cheese cream from Tubri farm

Salad with grilled and marinated root vegetables and herbs

Grill menu No. 1

Grill and wok

Grilled salmon steaks

Grilled beef liver with black pepper and crispy onions

BBQ lightly smoked Estonian piglet belly

Grilled jacket potatoes

Ratatouille with summer vegetables and rosemary

Cucumber and green apple tartare sauce

Mustard and mayonnaise dip

Grill menu No. 1


Fruit platter

Oven apple pie with vanilla sauce

Grill menus are available from April to October!

Additional services 

We offer the following additional services: event design, flower arrangements, room decoration, invitation and menu cards, other fittings necessary for your successful party. Request a quote! 

General terms

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