Sample menus

Buffet No. 1

Choice of bread

Farm bread with garlic

Potato & cottage cheese pastry with juniper berry salt and rosemary oil

Herbal butter

Fish selection

Salted whitefish marinated in beetroot juice and alder-smoked salmon with almond potatoes and sour cream with herbs

Soused herring salad with hard cheese

Deep-fried smoked Baltic herring & potato balls with apple & yoghurt dip

Meat selection

Chicken fillet with coriander pesto and lentil salad

Pork and beef tongue terrine with spicy pea hummus and gherkin

Barley bread with cheese curd & cumin, farm butter, rabbit pâté and dried plums

Vegetarian food

Courgette with garlic and Parmesan

Mint-flavoured string beans with garlic


Green salad with fresh cucumber, dill, cherry tomatoes, Parmesan and lemon vinaigrette

Smoked cod & pasta salad with wakame and quail eggs

Watermelon salad with cherry tomatoes, feta, basil and fresh mint

Hot food

Sea bass fillet with chive & tarragon sauce

Roasted beef cheek with prune & onion sauce

Roasted sweet potato and parsnip slices with herbal butter

Blanched vegetables


Banana & chocolate cake

Additional services 

We offer the following additional services: event design, flower arrangements, room decoration, invitation and menu cards, other fittings necessary for your successful party. Request a quote! 

General terms

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