Argo Koppa | Carmen Catering
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Argo Koppa
(+372) 5069795

I’ve been involved in the world of food service for 25 years. I’ve been developing Carmen Grupp since 1997. I’ve loved this whole process. I get my motivation from the people who work for us. It’s great to see when we succeed at something and the people directly involved in an event are happy and satisfied. I also really like listening and feeling the atmosphere created by a restaurant packed to the rafters. It is a strange buzz that gives me goosebumps. The restaurant comes alive and there is this something that every restaurant should have. I consider myself a waiter by profession. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to do this job anymore, but the dream is still alive and someday, I hope to have time for serving tables again.

In addition to working, I like gardening, playing tennis and going skiing in the mountains once a year. I also like travelling, especially with my family. We have three daughters. It’s interesting to see how they’re developing, what they’re thinking about and what is important to young people.