Buffee 1 menu | Carmen Catering
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Buffee 1 menu

Buffet 1 menu (15.90 euros + VAT)


Bread products

  • Homemade black bread with seeds and dried fruit
  • Potato & cottage cheese pastry with juniper berry salt and rosemary oil
  • Herb butter

Fish selection

  • Lightly smoked (42 °C) salmon with prawn-flavoured cream cheese, lemon caviar and beaten cucumber salad
  • Baltic herring rolls (Saare Hõbe), rye bread truffles, creamy sour cream
  • Lightly salted whitefish fillet with dill, roasted beetroot, buckwheat crisps and drained sour cream

Meat selection

  • Barley bread with cheese curd & caraway, farm butter, rabbit live pâté and dried plums
  • Chicken bites marinated in honey and marjoram with slightly sour apple salsa
  • Organic beef fillet salted with herbs and onion marinated in beetroot juice with spicy tomato salsa

Vegetarian food

  • Honey and garlic gherkins in herb marinade
  • Buckwheat quiche with potatoes and chanterelles


  • German-style potato salad with crispy bacon and capers
  • Roasted beetroot salad and wheat rusk with goat’s milk yoghurt and watercress

Hot food

  • Sea bass fillet with chive & tarragon sauce
  • Barbecue pork tenderloin with apple cider & honey broth
  • Roasted potatoes with fresh rosemary
  • Blanched vegetables


  • Brita cake with cream cheese and raspberries
  • Fruit platter