Signe Kruup | Carmen Catering
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Signe Kruup

PA and HR Specialist


I’ve been working in Carmen Catering since 2018.

Years ago, I used to think that getting an education in cooking was the best idea in the world. After working in the field for a couple of months, I often caught myself trying to get a sneak peek of what was happening behind the golden curtains. Communicating with people in the restaurant appealed to me so much that I’ve unexpectedly racked up almost 10 years of service experience.

Every event is unique in catering and completing a team is often as difficult as solving a jigsaw puzzle of a thousand pieces. But challenges have to be accepted with open arms – Tom Cruise has also proven that there are no missions impossible.

When I’m not working on a jigsaw puzzle, I broaden my horizons by discovering the world and take some time for myself by doing yoga.